2021: Year of the Cicadas

For anyone planning outdoor events in Ohio through May and June, you must consider the uninvited wedding guest that will certainly crash your outdoor wedding — the cicada! Cicadas are giant, harmless bugs that spend 17 years of their lives underground before crawling out and causing a ruckus with their deafening purr. They are known for their swarming and signature sound. Although there is good news, cicadas do not bite or sting! This year, in Ohio, we are expecting BILLIONS to erupt from the ground mid-May through June.

Venues with old trees will be hotspots for cicadas, because cicadas brood in and around tree roots. If the ground has not been disturbed by construction since this brood went underground in 2004 you should expect there to be a lot of cicadas emerging from these areas.

More importantly, cicadas are attracted to loud noises and vibrations. You will want to ensure that your DJ sets their speakers up away from your guests’ seating areas. This is particularly important for outdoor ceremonies as you will not want your guests to be swarmed during your nuptials. Also, expect the noise of the cicadas to be an issue.  You will want to make sure your DJ is prepared to be able to boost the exchange of vows over the deafening cicada sounds.

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Furthermore, if your event is going to be in a tent during the cicada emergence window of May through June, we strongly recommend that you make sure that your tent has clear sides that can be lowered or contains mesh screens. Mesh screens will allow for more air movement, which will be cooler than the plastic side walls. Finally, while cicadas are not interested in your food offerings, they may land in opened food containers. The best way to safeguard your buffet is to keep everything covered as much as possible.