Making a Playlist for Your DJ

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Throughout the big day, music will be playing when you walk down the aisle, sip cocktails, eat dinner, and boogie the night away on the dance floor. Your DJ has probably asked you for specific songs for the wedding ceremony and key formalities during the wedding reception such as: bridal party entrance, first dance, bouquet toss and cake cutting.

Many DJs offer online portals to choose your specific song selections, as well as those songs you don’t want played on your wedding day. But for those DJs that don’t offer this option, how do couples choose their music?

One easy way to help your DJ learn your musical taste is to create a pre-ceremony and reception playlist. Use Spotify, YouTube Music, or any streaming service to curate your own personal playlist. Then, share that link with your DJ. This gives your DJ a more in-depth look at your taste in music without having to go through huge lists.

For pre-ceremony music, instrumental music creates an atmosphere where guests can easily socialize with each other while still enjoying some tunes to set the nuptial mood. If you do not listen to instrumental music, a good place to start is by looking up musical groups like, Rose Strings, whom offers online music snippets. This way, you can identify the song you want based on the tune, not the title.

When adding songs to the reception playlist, think about the songs you love to listen to while you are driving or out with friends. Add songs that make you smile, think about your soon-to-be spouse, or throw you back to the good ‘old days in college or high school. Adding 50-75 songs will give your DJ a glimpse into your music preferences, and ensure that the music that gets played at your reception really is the music you want to hear.

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Sharing a playlist with your DJ is a really easy way to help your DJ better understand the music you love. This helps your DJ to be able to make sure that the music at your reception best represents you. (Plus who doesn’t love making a new playlist?!)